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About the college

Central Taiwan University of Science & Technology (CTUST), formerly known as Chung-Tai Junior College of Medicine, Nursing & Management, has a proud tradition of educating the region’s best nurses and allied health providers.

On August 1, 2005, the college was upgraded to University standing. The College of Health Sciences (CHS) is the largest of the three colleges and provides a total of six undergraduate programs including Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology, Medical Imaging and Radiological Science, Dental technology and Material Science, Food Science and Technology, Health Safety and Environmental Engineering, and Optometry.

CHS offers Master programs in the above specialties as well as an additional three in Biomedical Engineering and Material Sciences, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical Science and Technology. Moreover, we also provide a PhD program in Medical Imaging and Radiological Science.

Our endowed faculty focuses on student success. As a result, our graduates consistently achieve licensure and certification pass rates well exceeding the national norms.